Elegant Companion with Precise Sound
A timelessly modern, jet black exterior. Impressively brilliant highs and sonorous bass on the inside. This is the B1 from Sharkoon. A stereo headset, so straightforward and clearly designed, that it fashionably fits in everywhere and is the perfect companion for every moment of the day. The extra-large, circumaural ear pads made from synthetic leather completely surround the ears without undue pressure and absorbs ambient noise so effectively that you will completely lose yourself to the sound. Thanks to its 40 millimeter driver, the B1 is an audiophile’s dream and delivers precise sound characteristics even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Technically Versatile and Comfortable to Wear
Thanks to its padded headband, the headset provides excellent wear comfort even after hours-long gaming sessions and chats. The extremely flexible microphone offers precise voice transmissions at all times and is adaptable to the individual needs of the user. Therefore, in hectic gaming situations, it never gets in the way and always guarantees trouble-free team communication. When the microphone is not needed, it can be quickly and easily removed. Now the headset, in combination with its stylish design, is excellently suitable as headphones.

Extremely Modular, Unconditionally Mobile
Its textile braided cable with gold-plated connectors is just 110 cm long, thus only as long as necessary and extremely useful for mobile use. Thanks to its TRRS stereo jack, the B1 is not only compatible with smartphones, but also with the latest console generations plus notebooks and Ultrabooks. Of course, the headset also connects to computers when using its included extension cable with two 3.5 mm stereo jacks. The inline controller is integrated into the extension cable and allows convenient access to both the volume adjust and microphone mute. Total cable length when using the extension is 255 cm. A robust hardcase is included for transport and storage, in which the B1 and accessories can be safely and securely stored.

타입: 스테레오 헤드셋
디자인: 온이어
커넥터: TRRS/스테레오 잭
인라인 컨트롤러:
케이블 제외 무게: 320 g
헤드폰 세부사양:
유닛 구경: 40 mm
임피던스: 32 Ω
응답 주파수: 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz
민감도: 103 dB ± 3 dB
최고출력: 100 mW
음량 조절: 인라인 컨트롤러 조절
마이크 세부사양:
지향성: 단일 지향성
임피던스: 2,2 kΩ
응답 주파수: 50 Hz - 10.000 Hz
민감도: -40 dB ± 2 dB
탈부착식 마이크:
플렉서블 마이크:
마이크 음소거: 인라인 컨트롤러 조절

케이블 및 커넥터:
모듈형 케이블:
총 케이블 길이 3.5 mm 스테레오 잭 1개 (TRRS): 110 cm
총 케이블 길이 3.5 mm 스테레오 잭 2개: 255 cm
금도금 커넥터:
태블릿/스마트폰/MP3 플레이어/노트북 (TRRS):
PlayStation 4:
XBox One:
패키지 구성품:
EAN 코드:

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