The Personal Comfort Zone
With the SKILLER SGS3 Gaming Seat, Sharkoon combines sporty-sleek design with the ergonomic requirements of persistent gamers and video streamers. The supporting foam padding in the seat and backrest of the SKILLER SGS3 lets you sink easily into the game. The nonslip synthetic leather cover is easy to clean and kept in a classic black base color. The high quality stitching plus additional fabric accessories highlight in the available accent colors blue, red, green or white. The plastic cutouts are also in the matching color. The embroidered logo rounds out the personal comfort zone. Special attention is also given to its high quality manufacturing and ergonomic adaption possibilities.

Versatile Ergonomic and Comfortable for Hours
The SKILLER SGS3 Gaming Seat supports ergonomic sitting posture with its 4D adjustable armrests, allowing the armrests to be customized to any arm length in both height or width, and an individual horizontal tilt angle. A stable class-4 gas lift piston provides necessary strength for load capacity and optimal seat height. For tense gaming situations, a spring-loaded tilt function is provided, which can be adjusted and locked into a stable, desired position from 0° to 14° thanks to the tilt angle lock. The headrest and lumbar cushions, in the respective chair color, are easily attached and effectively support both the neck and spine during longer gaming sessions. For extended breaks, the backrest of the SKILLER SGS3 Gaming Seat can be locked at a wide angle between 90° and 160°.

Stable and Secure up to 120 Kilograms
Of course, the seat remains safely stable on the floor when the backrest is tilted thanks to its massive aluminium five-star base. The robust steel frame provides additional stability and maximum weight capacity of 120 kg. The extra-large 75 mm wheels offer mobility on all flat surfaces. Unwanted rolling of the gaming seat is prevented thanks to a practical break function. Assembly is quick and easy thanks to its user-friendly manual and enclosed tool.

High Density Mould Shaping Foam
60 - 65 kg/m³
Steel (Diameter: 20-22 mm)
Black, Black/Blue, Black/Red, Black/Green, Black/White
Braccioli regolabili: 4D
27 x 10 cm
Multifunctional Tilt
0° - 14°
Stile dello schienale: High-back
90° - 160°
Aluminium Five-Star Base
75 mm wheels with lock
DIN EN 1335-1/2/3
DIN 4550
무게 및 크기:
38 x 50 cm
55 cm
48.5 cm
38 cm
30 cm
85 cm
49 cm
94 x 71 x 41 cm
190 cm
25 kg
120 kg

패키지 구성품:
Headrest & Lumbar Cushion
Mounting Screws
Allen Wrench
Black/Red: 4044951019502
Black: 4044951019489
Black/Blue: 4044951019496
Black/White: 4044951019526
Black/Green: 4044951019519

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