X-Rest 7.1

Designed Arrangement including LED Illumination
A real eye-catcher: Angular design, textile braided cable and stylish LED illumination in blue. The Sharkoon X-Rest 7.1 looks good at all times and maintains order on every gamer’s desk. The headset, or also headphone, always stands ready nearby and is safely stored after use. Thanks to its heavy stand and nonslip rubber feet, the X-Rest 7.1 is always stable and can withstand stressful loads.

7.1 Sound Goes Without Saying
The X-Rest 7.1 has even more to offer: With its additional feature, the X-Rest 7.1 shines with its intrinsic worth. The integrated 7.1 sound card is particularly suitable as a second sound source for the operation of speakers and headsets on a PC. Stereo mode and the use of preset equalizer modes are also possible on PCs, Mac computers and the PS4. For this, no drivers need to be installed.

At a Glance
Easily accessible controls on the device offer quick access to the microphone mute, volume control and equalizer mode. An invaluable advantage, especially during intense gaming sessions. A quick glance is all that is needed to see if the microphone is muted: the LED illumination will shine in red.

Of Course, It is Compatible
The X-Rest 7.1 is compatible to all headsets, regardless of whether it has a stereo jack or TRRS connector. The X-Rest automatically detects which connection is used. Therefore, all current Sharkoon headsets, even the ones with the most recent TRRS cable, can be directly connected. Cable clutter on the desk is now history.

타입: USB 사운드 카드가 있는 헤드셋 스탠드
사운드 칩: SSS1629A5
서라운드 모드: Virtual 7.1*
커넥터: USB
음량 조절:
마이크 음소거:
하드웨어 이퀄라이저: 8 Presets
LED 조명:
전원공급: USB
색상: 블랙
케이블 포함 무게: 380 g
크기 (가로 x 세로 x 높이): 120 x 120 x 260 mm
지원 운영체제: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X**
케이블 및 커넥터:
인터페이스: 3.5 mm 스테레오 잭 2개
패브릭 케이블:
케이블 길이: 200 cm

소프트웨어 특성:
프로필: 4
효과 설정: 꺼짐, 극장, 욕실, 거실, 복도
3D 사운드:
Virtual 7.1 사운드:
마이크 부스트:
PlayStation 4: ✓**
패키지 구성품:
X-Rest 7.1
소프트웨어 및 사용설명서 CD
* Windows 를 통해 설치된 소프트웨어만 해당
** Mac OS X/PS4™: 스테레오만 해당
EAN 코드:

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